Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NYC Blushable Creme Sticks - Swatches and Short Review

After all the raves on MUA, I decided to purchase 4 NYC Blushable Creme Sticks: Big Apple Blush, Berry New Yorker, Wild Berry, and Plaza Pink. I believe Wild Berry is the only one that is limited edition. I also wanted to pink up Pink Flash (a beautiful coral), but I couldn't find it anywhere! I gotta say, I'm very impressed with these blushes! They apply beautifully, and blend well.

Application: I like to just dot some of the product lightly on my cheeks, and blend it all out with a blush brush, or any large fluffy face brush. To get these to stay, I also set with powder.

above are the blushable creme sticks, just swiped a couple times. so creamy and pigmented!

blended out.

Big Apple Blush
- Not sure how to describe the color of this, but it reminds me of a nude-y pink color. It has a bit of frost to it, but nothing too noticeable. I think this would be a perfect everyday blush that would look great for most looks, and just gives a natural flushed look.

Berry New Yorker - With a misleading name, Berry New Yorker is a matte mauve-y blush. This gives my NC30 skintone a nice and natural glow.

Wild Berry - Perhaps my favorite one of the bunch, Wild Berry is a matte bright mid-tone pink with blue undertones. I just love bright colors so this blush easily is my favorite. I prefer matte blushes on myself, so I see myself using this one more than the others. Also, the perfect color for summer!

Plaza Pink - Not very pink at all. This one is more of a frosty peach color. Plaza Pink gives a beautiful sheen when blended out that can give you a great dewy look, imo!

Overall, I think these blushes are great quality. All are nicely pigmented and blendable. On my oily skin however, I find they don't stay very well and slip off after a couple hours, but these are also great to enhance powder blushes or change the tones and color slightly. Putting powder (either a different blush or even a setting powder) over these will also make them last much longer. When I use these blushes, I apply them right after foundation, then I put my setting powder on top. This will set the product betters and allow it to blend more easily.

I think cream blush fanatics will absolutely love this product. Personally, I would prefer using powder blushes over cream blushes just in general. Powder blushes just seem easier to use in my opinion. However, given the price ($3.99 at most drugstores), I will continue to purchase these in the future!


Mimi (MakeupWithdrawal) said...

:D I have the two LE ones, Pink Flash and Wild Berry. People say that they dry to powder finish, but they just stay emollient on me. Have any FOTDs with them?

Nicole said...

yes pink flash looks sooo pretty! they stay kinda creamy on me too, always gotta set it with something. i think the only one i have pictured is this look w/ wild berry!

EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

I've heard soo many great things about these!! Awesome swatches.

Anonymous said...

I also did a review on my 4 blushable creme sticks! i thought we had the same colors but I don't have the big apple blush one. I love berry new yorker and you're right, the name is misleading!

Nicole said...

you definitely should check them out, the limited edition ones look especially beautiful!

yay big apple blush is my 2nd favorite, haha!
which other one do you have??

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