Sunday, July 25, 2010

My ~stash~ a little over a yr ago vs. NOW!

my ~~vanity~~ in feb 09.

random scattered crap everywhere. i could fit everything in that one little area!

hundreds of dollars later...
nowww everything all organized!
miscellaneous bigger palettes not pictured (120 palette, 88 matte palette, random e/s mac palette, stila contouring palette, stila noir palette, too faced french and fabulous, some other ones blahdeblah)


still have no clue how to organize the lipgloss LOL


my everyday drawer

brushes and miscellaneous stuff.
the top has these things to put stuff in (lol i'm really good at describing things).
the left section has tweezers, lash glue, chapstick. the right section has gel liners.
the compartment has liquid liners.

the first drawer has lip liners and eye liners.

the second drawer has miscellaneous eye stuff like bases, concealers, mascaras.

lipsticks as of 2 weeks ago.

eye stuff.

the drawers are available at target.
i got the organizers at daiso for 2.00 each!


prettyaspeaches said...

I'm so jealous that you have your stuff organized. My stash looks more like your first picture lol. Great collection!

Nicole said...

lol thank you! mine was so bad before, just a MESS shoved in the drawers. finally dragged myself to organize!

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